About OM Digital


about om digital

OM Digital is a New York City based design studio focused on using design thinking and new innovation to bring new ideas to life. We believe that design + innovation can have meaningful social impact and much of our work is represented by this core concept. The company originated as On Message Communications, Inc. and the name was updated to OM Digital to reflect growing work in the digital media space.

how we work

We work with organizations and companies in some key areas like public health and political campaigns; assisting NGOs and social enterprises, universities and government agencies, among others. We regularly collaborate with other ad agencies and pr firms. To get an idea of our approach and some of of projects feel free to check out the: Our Work page.

who we are

Mike Lewis is CEO of OM Digital and also Creative Director. As a writer with an eye for design he brings focus and creativity to every project. For OM Digital Mr. Lewis assembles the right collaborative team to accomplish goals and manages disparate teams. Longtime collaborators on projects include colleagues Minwoo Bae (designer) and Slava Balasanov (developer + database).
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